“Mental” Health

To many people, those who are “mentally ill” are “crazy” people who act weird or are people in asylums. But in reality, a lot of “normal” people suffer with some sort of mental illness. It is something which people stereotype without even thinking. If they hear the word depressed, they think a person who wants to commit suicide or hates their life. If they hear postnatal depression, they imagine a woman who can’t cope with her baby or wants to hurt her baby. If they hear bipolar, they imagine someone with a split personality or someone with a very odd personality.  I could go on and on with the different stereotypes.


Now don’t get me wrong, there are people who are like that, but the majority of people with these mental illnesses do not fit the stereotype. I myself have suffered from postnatal depression and I can tell you now, not once did I ever feel like I resented or wanted to harm my child. I was coping very well as a parent, but not coping with the rest of my environment. Simple things, like going to work, doing housework, going out, just normal day to day tasks were difficult. I did not want people to know and still try to keep quiet about it now, because people judge you. They treat you like a child or like you can’t do anything on your own without someone there to keep an eye on you. Luckily my work was understanding, but my friends very much less so. One particular friend, constantly made remarks which incredibly annoyed me. When I’d point out that I was “normal” just like she was, she’d then remind me that I was not “normal”, I had a mental illness. Even when I was better, she would still remind me of it. I realise that she was just being ignorant, but it is something which really winds me up.

It is a very common thing to have a mental illness, many people have mild cases and many have the severe, you probably know many people with some degree of mental illness, but will not know about it. Other disablilties which are visable, are far more accepted than a mental disability. Which to me is very wrong, just because you can’t see it, does not mean it is not there, should be ignored or stereotyped. As I’m sure people with other disablities believe, we are “normal” people. Everyone is unique in their own way, which means that no one is “normal”.


I don’t usually care much about celebrity fall outs or any of that nonsense, but the Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor one got my attention. Miley Cyrus mocked Sinead O’Connor and Amanda Bynes for their previous/current mental illnesses. It really annoyed me. SInead was only trying to give her advice and she just threw it back in Sinead’s face. Like the childish little girl she is. But being a celebrity and a role model to so many young girls/women, that set such a bad example. Making it look ok to mock people with mental health issues. It’s difficult enough having to deal with your mental illness, without having people mock or judge you.

So next time you hear about someone who has a mental illness, don’t judge them, because one day you too could suffer with one and then you’ll realise how difficult it actually is.

Thanks for reading

From the “normal” Ariadne who suffered from depression



Ahhh how I’ve missed you

A few months ago, my laptop finally decided to give up. The pin, which the charger plugs into, broke off completely. For a while before it died, if I had the wire at a certain angle it would charge, but the tiniest movement would stop it. I kept saying I would not pay to have it fixed because for a tiny part which costs £5 and I would still have to pay £50 on top of that as a standard charge by PC World/Curry’s, which was the cheapest quote I had got. I thought it wouldn’t be worth it because I could use that money to put toward a better laptop but eventually after a while of not having a laptop at all, I gave in and got it fixed. I couldn’t cope using my Samsung smartphone instead. Now that I have it back I wish I wasn’t so stubborn, but I am one of the most stubborn people I know. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a brand new laptop which is much faster, better graphics and so on, but any laptop is better than no laptop.I usually struggle to think of things to write about, but whilst I’ve had no laptop loads of ideas came into my head. Unfortunately, I have now forgotten those ideas, typical.

Social Networking

I remember a time, not so long ago, when most people’s main form of communication was either texting, ringing or email. Of course there were social networking sites which people used, like Myspace or Bebo but they mostly appealed to teenagers. But in recent years, Social Networking sites seem to have taken over every aspect of our lives. Many things have ‘like this on Facebook’ or ‘hashtag this on Twitter’. Most programmes we watch have a Facebook or Twitter account, many products you buy have accounts too, even things like alcohol. Many celebrities have accounts, in fact almost every person I know has some sort of social network account. The other day I was sat watching WWE for the first time in a very long time and even that had been consumed by social networking. Almost every wrestler had a hashtag under his/her name, the only one I noticed didn’t have a hashtag was The Undertaker. Everywhere you go, you will see something being promoted through a social networking site.

Social Networking

Now I realise that times change, I myself have had a few social networking accounts. A long time ago I had a Bebo account, I had an MSN account, then I moved onto a Myspace account, then a Facebook account then eventually closed them all and just had a Twitter account. I see a lot of people ‘tweeting’ about many other social networking accounts which don’t interest me at all. But with how easily accessible these sites are to everyone, and how easy it is to set up fake accounts, is it not a bad thing that they are taking over everything? Yeah sure it makes it so much easier to keep in touch with people who you may not have been able to stay in contact with if there wasn’t all of these sites around. But on the otherhand, is that not making it easier for those people who you don’t want to be in contact with, follow everything you do? For criminals to use it to their advantage for whatever crime they commit? These sites look so good on the face of it and are very addictive (as I know well) but people seem to forget the danger that these sites pose. When I was a child, my parents always said “never talk to strangers” and I would never have dreamed of doing so, but on social networking sites, ‘strangers’ tried to ‘add’ or ‘follow’ me. I used to accept, not really associating it as the same thing. Now however, I block any person I do not know or do not want to see what I write because now realise that it is just the same thing. ‘Strangers’ are now mostly not people who come up to you in the streets, but people who ‘add’ or ‘follow’ you on social networking sites.


I see people as young as 12 on these sites, and I wonder if their parents are saying to them “never speak to strangers in person or online”. I personally, would not let my sons have an account if they were 12, but maybe that’s just me being old fashioned and austere. So many people let their children have these accounts and I hope they keep an eye on what they do. As annoying as it may seem when you’re a child/teenager, you don’t realise the danger there is on these sites. Social networking sites are going to grow in numbers and most probably never go away, (unless there’s a huge disaster and we are not able to use anything electronic) but as this industry grows, I believe their privacy and parent control needs to develop much more.

Not only are they a danger, they also cause so many problems to peoples relationships. A lot of people I know have either divorced or split up with their partner because of something that has happened on Facebook or social networking site. Whether it be they or their ex-partner have had an affair with someone from Facebook, or someone stirring trouble, social networking sites play a big part in relationships and friendships. They are fun to use and a good way to keep in contact but never forget the big negatives these sites cause as well.

That’s my rant over, thank you for reading 🙂


Trying something new

I love to read a good crime book, but usually I stick to just one author. I don’t know why I do this, but I presume it’s just in my nature to be reluctant to try new things. I’m like this with food, drinks, clothing, games, you name it, I like to stick to the things I know. I am a very fussy person, although I like to tell myself I’m not, I know I am. But for my birthday this year, my youngest sister Iona, bought me two books by different authors which I’d never even heard of. I was grateful for my presents, as I always am, but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to give her the satisfaction of telling her I enjoyed the books.

So I sat down to start reading the first book she gave me. The book is called ‘Dead Like You’ by Peter James. At first, it was strange getting used to a different style of writing, I was very hooked on the storyline but wasn’t used to the way it was written. However, the more I read, the more I got hooked and I stopped thinking about the style of writing. Before I new it, I’d finished the book and was wanting more. I realised that even though it was a different author, with a different style of writing, I actually enjoyed this book more than most of the other books I’d read. This made me excited to try the next book Iona had given me.

The second book she gave me is called ‘The Sixth Man’ by David Baldacci. Again, I found the style of writing strange, but I also found making an image of the storyline difficult because it is set in America and I’ve never been. But as I found before, the more I read, the more I was hooked and I was able to eventually start creating an image in my head. Once I’d finished this book, I found again I had enjoyed it more than most of the other books I’d read.

I realised, that I had found two more authors in the genre of book I like to read and that I like more than the previous author I used to read. I found that these books literally had me tensing at certain points, almost shouting out at the characters, like you do when you watch a film. I babbled so much to my partner Michael, about my different theories of who I thought the killer was, or how the book was going to end. I had never felt like this about a book before, and I was doing it with two new books, by two different authors. I was surprised.>

So I happily reported back to my sister, being able to honestly tell her I REALLY enjoyed the books she gave me. This made me extremely happy. So happy, the next day I went into to town to hunt for books of the same series from those two authors. I sat down and read the two new books I’d just bought myself without feeling anything but excitement.

I have learnt that I now can look for books by different authors and be able to read them and enjoy them. I may find it strange at first, but after a few chapters, or maybe even less, I will enjoy the book. Obviously not all books I read will be good but I no longer will be put off by different authors. Now all I need to do is try this with other aspects of my life…well I’ll try to anyway 🙂


Me and Iona

Recently, I have spoken to people about childhood and what different peoples were like. I view my childhood as a very normal, happy childhood which I believe made me into a good person. Obviously I am not always good, I do things which I regret but my morals and beliefs are good.

As a child, me and my two sisters Sabrina and Iona, never had the latest designer clothes, the newest cool toys or lots of gifts. We had affordable clothes and toys which we made use of for many years. When we did receive new toys or clothes, we really appreciated them. We never had expensive holidays, we had fun camping or caravanning holidays. Everytime my parents said they’d booked a holiday we always looked forward to them. The most expensive holiday was a trip to Italy where we drove for two days to get there, then two days back, which was so much fun. We were never hit, just sent to the naughty step when we were naughty, which worked very well!

Me and Sabrina

When I’ve spoken to other people, their childhoods were so much different but they viewed theirs as normal too. I am so grateful to my parents for the great start to life. I would not change a thing about my childhood. When times get difficult for me, like the constant money struggle, I sit back and think about my childhood and realise money doesn’t make you happy, love makes you happy. So all I need to give my son Beau and anymore I have for a happy life is love.

Thank you Mummy and Daddy 🙂

Me, Iona and Sabrina

What an exciting race!

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved cars. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in them. My Mum and Dad tell me often how I wore down the wheels on the pedal go-kart that we used to have because of how much I used to do skids on it. I also used to do skids on my blue bike when it had stabilizers on when I was really small.

So naturally as I got older, I became very interested in motor racing. Rallying, stock car racing and Formula One. The one I love the most though, is Formula One. I don’t remember a lot from when I was smaller, I just remember sitting down with Daddy to watch the fast cars race. One race sticks in my head though. The race when Michelin had to recall all of their tyres due to a fault. That meant that only a few of the teams could race. With alsorts being thrown onto the track by angry fans.

Since then, a lot has changed. To me, it has become much more fair. But today, I watched a race which I believe was the best race I’ve seen so far on F1. It had me gripped the whole way through and the last 10 laps had me at the edge of my seat. My only problem with it was that my favourite F1 driver, Jenson Button, didn’t win due to an error by his pit stop crew. But I was glad he at least came second. I’d be here a long time if I wrote out every exciting moment of the race, but I just wanted to share my feeling very high satisfaction for that race!

Thanks David, You Toff

I turned on the tv yesterday and on it was the BBC news talking about the new tax year. The changes to tax credits was going to affect thousands of the lowest earners but a lot of people where going to gain from it. Then as I watched it more, I realised I would be one of the thousands affected. Anyone working less than 24 hours a week would have their £75 of working tax credits taken away from them. Then I got up this morning and went onto my online banking, and what a surprise, I hadn’t been paid. I’d had no letter no warning that my working tax credits would stop. Because I am part time at my job, they will not give me any more hours, so I’m faced with a few options. Either I quit my job and live off benefits because I would receive MORE money, find another job but I’ve been looking for another job for months now and still haven’t been offered anything or find a cash in hand job as well as the one I have currently.

Before this happened, I’ve been struggling to pay for everything anyway, so now thats gone I’m really going to struggle and probably won’t be able to carry on living in a rented property unless I’m able to find another £75 a week. What really annoys me though is the fact that David Cameron and his party are punishing the low earners and supporting the middle to high earners. It wasn’t that long ago he was saying his party had change, that they were more for the working class and less for the upper class. Well obviously thats not true. I seriously hate this government. I certainly won’t be voting for conservatives or the Liberal Democrats again.

Now I’m going have a little cry and then carry on. At least if I have to quit my job I get to spend more time with my little man Beau.